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Strengthen Your business partnerships around the world and connect with strategic investors today

Lefong Company

Lefong is a dynamic European company with professional team around the globe. Since 2006, we possess lot of experience and strategic partnerships in different regions. Our main aim is to minimize all sorts of barriers with Your business partners and to widen Your business network globally. Negotiate with business partners directly, build deeper and long-lasting cooperation. Our job is to find strategic investor for your investment project or commodity. We are here for You to overcome all language and cultural barriers that saves your time, money and creates a strong competitive position on the market.

While others are looking for the market opportunities You are already doing real business. We care about Your success and stable partnerships. Based on our strong network of strategic partners and wide-range portfolio Your business potential and investment opportunities will be extended to every region in the world. Connect with Your potential business partner today and be miles ahead of others in the future.


What We Do
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Strengthen Your business partnerships around the world and connect with strategic investors today

Investment projects

Widen Your investment opportunities and business portfolio in strategic regions Negotiate with potential business partner directly.

International Trade

Our aim is to look for producers with unique commodities. We are here to introduce Your local product on the global market.

Market Research

The most crucial and complex issue for global investors is insufficient knowledge and experience in new a destination

VIP Tourism

Special packages with individual itinerary including extraordinary attractions and domestic festivals.

Facility management

Our facility management department will coordinate facilities and services within Your real estate


Widen your knowledge and life experience through various education programs abroad.

Our Priorities and Values

Our priority is to satisfy the immediate and long term needs of our clients. We work diligently with the vision of providing the best possible services. Loyalty, Trust and Responsibility are key values in our company

Strong team of experts around the globe

Significant international experience

Knowledge of governmental institutions

Protection of investors‘ interests


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Here is a glimpse of some projects we done so far

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If You have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. If You’d like to introduce Your project on our platform, please send us email: investment@lefong.sk.

We will get back to You soon.

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